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Ben Stone, LMT, NCBTMB

Deep Tissue Massage Specialist 

There is a misconception that Deep Tissue Massage should hurt. That is absolutely not the case. Think about pressure in terms of volume. The massage therapist should communicate at a level that is easy for hear and understand. If you crank up the volume too loud the message gets distorted it can hurt your ears. The same goes for pressure and massage. If you use too much pressure it will hurt and the message to your body and brain will get distorted resulting is less effective bodywork. Regular massage, like regular exercise is an investment of time in your body. While one session of massage will have a certain impact, massage therapy on a consistent basis has a cumulative effect. Regular visits will help your body heal itself better and keep you free from pain. Not only does massage help keep your soft tissues feeling and functioning better, it helps your body relieve and deal with stress, which in some cases can be the underlying cause of many problems.