Serenity, LMT

Looking to zone out, improve immunity and sleep, feel more centered, improve posture or decrease chronic pain? With Serenity, you will be invited to a total relaxation experience to calm the nervous system and release muscular tension. If you are overworked, overstressed, run down, or simply ready to make regular massage part of your wellness and self-care routine, this is the massage for you. Massage improves mental and emotional health by reducing stress hormones and anxiety, increasing serotonin, and enhancing immunity. Serenity’s focus is to rid the body of stress and tension, elevating your mood, and moving you closer to balance. Focus is typically centered around muscle relaxation, working the soft tissue to increase flexibility, and restore muscle balance & movement, releasing pain and tension. Serenity’s intention is to create a massage experience specific to you, where you will want to return.