Self-Care Specialist
Abby is a graduate of the Myotherapy Institute with an associate’s degree in massage
therapy with an underlying focus in chiropractic care. Abby has training in Swedish,
Deep Tissue, Myofascial, and Craniosacral techniques. She uses her training in these
techniques to personalize every massage session to meet the client’s individual goals
for their session. Abby is a very intuitive therapist. She is skilled at finding tension
within your muscles and focuses her talents on the process of easing that tension.
Abby believes she is merely a vessel in the body’s natural healing process and through
massage therapy she is able to bring a reduced level of stress to the bodies and minds
of her clients. Abby is an advocate of receiving massage therapy for the wellness of
one’s entire self; body, soul, and mind.
One of Abby’s favorite things about being a massage therapist is that literally anyone
can benefit from massage. Abby states “I’ve had the privilege of working with the very
young to the young at heart, from children to great grandparents, from stay-at-home
moms and dads to professional athletes and broadway dancers. Massage therapy
doesn’t discriminate.”