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Our Therapists are experienced and trained on delivering the massage you request and the massage your body needs. Our trained therapists will then make suggestions on how you can continue your wellness journey after you leave. We take pride in our abilities to deliver the massage you are searching for.

  • Terra Rap Relaxation Massage

    Terra works with Athletes (bicyclist, yogis, or bodybuilders), rehabilitating injuries or surgeries, and anyone who desires a relaxing wellness massage. She offers a unique blend of knowledge based on anatomy and intuition by reading the body and listening to what it asks for.

  • Abby Davis Specializing in Relaxation Massage

    Abby specializes in relaxation massage, creating the perfect setting for worries and stress to melt away.

  • Tonia Hunter Custom Massage Specialist

    Tonia will customize your massage to suit what issues you are currently experiencing. It could be specific ailment or a general maintenance massage.

  • Heather Hall Wellness Professional

    Heather has been a massage therapist since 2005 and an ACE Certified Personal Trainer since 2001. She specializes in neuromuscular massage.

  • Ben Stone Deep Tissue Specialist

    Ben Specializes in Therapeutic Massage, more specifically relief from chronic pain and injuries.

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