Appointment Cancellation Policy

Time is precious, we value YOUR time…

  • Simple Wellness Massage Therapist agrees to be present, centered, healthy and on time for your Scheduled Appointment.
  • YOU agree to show up for scheduled appointment on time, healthy, and hydrated. WE agree to start and end scheduled appointment on time.
  • YOU agree to pay for time reserved and/or services received.
  • If for any reason YOU are unable to keep scheduled appointment time a 24 hour notice is required.
  • If 24 hour notice is not given, YOU will be charged for service in full. An invoice will be issued for service. Invoices are due within 1 week of missed appointment time or before next appointment whichever comes first.
  • If for any reason a Simple Wellness Massage Therapist must miss YOUR scheduled appointment with less than 24 hour notice WE will reschedule appointment during our regular scheduled time off.


…With this agreement, YOU value our time.