Tonia HunterCustom Massage Specialist

Tonia will customize your massage to suit what issues you are currently experiencing. It could be specific ailment or a general maintenance massage. It could be that stress of something has them feeling out of sorts, maybe they just need to decompress, they need silence or to talk. Tonia customizes not only the massage, but what happens before and after the massage to your needs. Tonia can also recommend stretches or other alternative medicines to help in recovery. Maybe you have had a stressful day and you have yet to get in the right mindset to relax, so a Tonia may suggest a few extra minutes of deep breathing before you start your session with her. All these things play into how you respond to your massage, everyone is different and tonia takes that into consideration.

People choose Tonia for massage because she is knowledgeable of anatomy and how it flows together, thorough, compassionate and she is interested in your overall well being. Tonia believes that massage therapy may be a key role in recovery and wellness and she will take the time to to explain what she is doing and why, knowledge is key and the more Tonia can educate people on the benefits of massage, the better you can understand your body. Tonia is professional, positive, responsive and adaptive to clients needs.

Tonia has taken many courses in her time as a massage therapist, she believes where she shines is being able to utilize specific techniques to each person. If someone comes in with low back pain and after her assessing, she may use Active muscle therapy or Restorative muscle stretching or trigger point work. It all comes back to, individual needs and tolerance.