Chair Massage

Chair massage is sometimes referred to as Seated massage or Corporate Massage. Chair massage is a style of seated massage that is typically short, 10 or 15 minutes, and focuses on the back, shoulders and neck and arms. Chair massage is performed over clothes and doesn't require any massage oil. For chair massage, you are seated in a special chair with your face resting in a cradle, looking down towards the floor, with supports for your arms. Your back and neck completely relax while the therapist relieves muscle tension using Swedish massage moves like kneading and compression and tapotement. Massage is not just a luxury but a medically beneficial way to deal with the everyday aches, pains and stresses of our fast paced society. Stress is one of the major contributing factors lowering our immune system leaving us susceptible to disease. Massage can be a very beneficial way to help cope with the mental and physical stress we encounter everyday.

Chair massage is a great way to bring the massage office to you. A portable ergonomically designed massage chair allows the benefits to be enjoyed virtually anywhere. Chair Massage is a great addition to a benefits package for employees that employers can offer.

Benefits of Chair Massage for the Employer

  • Increases morale
  • Reduces stress
  • Makes employees feel valued
  • Creates an atmosphere of trust and loyalty
  • Reduces sick time and absenteeism
  • Reduces the high cost of employee turnover
  • Helps attract top talent to the company
  • Increases accuracy and creative thinking
  • Decreases workplace injuries
  • Helps relieve tension-related headaches and effects of eye-strain
  • Reduces Low Back Pain
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Helps relieve mental stress
  • Calms the nervous system
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Loosens tight muscles
  • Lowers heart rate
  • Relieves fatigue
Studies have shown that Office workers who received massage regularly were more alert, were able to think and work more effective and efficiently and were less stressed than those who weren't massaged. Research also indicates that employees felt a decrease in job stress, increased alertness and increased speed & accuracy on math computations. (

Regular massage programs are a great way for companies to promote health and wellness, increase company morale and boost productivity. Massage is a great way to keep people happy thus decreasing absenteeism and increasing employee retention.

Chair Massage programs can be altered to fit any company need from short five minute massages to accommodate a large quantity of people in a small amount of time or longer sessions to allow the benefits to sink in. If you are unsure what is the best route to take please feel free to contact our Corporate Wellness Manager, Tonia with any questions or to get set up with a corporate wellness massage program.

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