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Our therapists are experienced and trained on delivering the massage you request and the massage your body needs. Our therapists will then make suggestions on how you can continue your wellness journey after you leave. We take pride in our abilities to deliver the massage you are searching for. Located in Lincoln, Ne.

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Gentle Deep Tissue Expert

Massage Therapist

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People flock to Abby because of the way she can deliver a deeper touch in a gentle manner. She has experience working in a chiropractic office and brings that knowledge and expertise through her work as a massage therapist. more about Abby


Deep Tissue Specialist

Massage Therapist since 2003

Ben specializes in myofascial deep tissue massage. Fascia is the tissue that holds the body together, this tissue can also cause restrictions in the body. With Myofascial massage you can expect to see better ease, quality and range of motion among other benefits. more about Ben


Custom Massage Expert

Massage Therapist since 2007

Tonia will customize your massage to suit what issues you are currently experiencing. It could be specific ailment or a general maintenance massage. It could be that stress of something has them feeling out of sorts, maybe they just need to decompress, they need silence or to talk. Tonia customizes not only the massage, but what happens before and after the massage to your needs. more about Tonia


Fitness and Nutrition Professional

Massage Therapist & Personal Trainer

Heather is an experienced fitness and wellness expert. She has been a massage therapist since 2005 and an ACE Certified Personal Trainer since 2001.  She specializes in neuromuscular massage. Benefits you can expect to receive from neuromuscular massage are a decrease in pain and discomfort of affected areas, increased range of motion, ease, and quality of motion; a boost in your immune system and a decrease in stress.  As a fitness professional, Heather has the knowledge to recommend exercises and that will build strength in areas that may be weak, which helps improve posture and decrease pain. As an ACE certified personal trainer specializing in more about Heather




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